Wearable video coat

[David Forbes] is no stranger to the weird and esoteric, so he created a color LED TV built into a lab coat. He plans on bringing it to Burning Man next month.

The RGB LEDs are mounted narrow flex boards, providing a 160×120 pixel NTSC display. Video processing is taken care of by an Xilinx FPGA that takes the YCrCb video feed from a video iPod and converts it into four separate RGB streams for the front, back, and the two sides. The requisite controls for brightness and color are on the shoulders.

Of course, the build wouldn’t be over-the-top without the ability to plug a Nintendo into a lab coat, so there’s an NTSC input on an RCA jack. Everything is powered by two 11.1 V, 5Ah radio-control LiPo battery packs that should power this for a while.

Check out a video of the LED lab coat below.

13 thoughts on “Wearable video coat

  1. that is awesome! i want to do that to a car but don’t have the $$$$$$ to do so. if it cost $20,000 just for that bit on the lab coat imagine how much for a car.

  2. Not only cool, this is real engineering. David Forbes is an amazing maker. It’s been a pleasure to watch his projects over the years.

  3. praises to the uber-geek!! :D
    i just can’t help thinking that with a bunch of flexible oled displays his vidéo-lab-coat could get a lot cheaper….and comfier…

  4. as useless as an usb humping dog. but i want one.
    But, basically, why is this considered as a “hack” ? Putting NTSC Video on an 160×120 pixel led display.

  5. Seems a little rigid but definitely a “10” on the wow-factor.

    However, $20k price tag makes me gag a little.

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