A cat elevator, for the discerning lazy feline in your life


Ah, to live the life of a cat. The lazing about, the food delivered on demand, and the elevators – oh the glorious elevators.

No you didn’t misread and we haven’t gone crazy. We were sent a link to the video below just the other day, and while it is nearly two years old, it was new to us. From the very brief description on YouTube, it looks as if the elevator senses the cat’s entry using infrared, locking the door behind the cat before transporting it to another level of the house. While it’s often implied that cats are incredibly lazy, this contraption definitely takes things above and beyond the norm.

It’s a pretty ridiculous system if you ask us, but it’s pretty compelling just the same. If you can find any more information on it, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. If you can’t, feel free to speculate as to how you would build a cat elevator, or elaborate on the crazy contraptions you’ve built for the lazy felines in your life.

[Thanks, Andreas]


  1. Thoriumbr says:

    I liked the idea, but I guess my cat wouldn’t. He is a little too afraid of noises and small locked places to even think about entering it.

  2. Pantaz says:

    I can see this being helpful for animals with health problems, For example, bad hips restrict many older pets from climbing stairs.

  3. grelfod says:

    How about a cat-a-pult? This could be very useful in sending the neighbors cat home after it makes a deposit in your porch planter

  4. retepvosnul says:

    I’m afraid my cat would reverse engineer and hack this to make a weapon for world domination and the doom for other cats and all dogs except her dog (yes the cat considers our dog to be hers).

    Giving tech to cats could be a bad idea.

  5. fartface says:

    Evil and horrible people let their cats roam free. Honestly I dont want your damn cat pissing in my yard or killing birds in my yard. Keep your fricking cat inside. or if you must have it outside on a tie out confined to your yard.

    Luckily most cities are passing laws making free roaming cats illegal.

  6. MrX says:

    @fartface Agreed. Cats are a pest.

    On topic. The elevator looks really cool but quite useless for cats, this particular cat seems to be quite disoriented after landing, looks like he just came out from a wormhole LOL. Build one for our fellow friends instead – the dogs. They will know how to use it, and specially, how to have fun with it.

  7. MrX says:

    @fartface Do you have fun shooting cats trespassing your property with a airsoft gun? They work great if you replace the plastic balls with lead ones :D

    • retepvosnul says:

      I used to hate cats. Until we got one. Now I’m a cat slave. I could happen to you!! They make you..

      A couple of years ago I would have laughed, now I’m liable to set your house alight if I even suspect you are harbouring thoughts on contemplating thinking about possibly doing something anti-(my)-cat.

      Believe me, A cat pissing in your flowerbed isn’t the worst a cat can do. Piss of a cat and (s)he might decide to take you as an “owner”. Then you will be proper fucked.

      • MrX says:

        I don’t hate cats. I just consider them useless….

        I don’t mind them pissing in my yard but I do really mind them attacking my mail pigeons, knocking and breaking my flower jars, destroying the beautiful flowers in my garden (seriously, do they eat them or what?) and all of the noise they make during night when they are hooking up.

        I did put barbed wiring inside the bushes around garden but even that doesn’t seem to stop them, even if they lose a bunch of hair, skin and blood.

        Have to think on something else, maybe a airsoft turret or replacing the barbed wire with a electrical fence..

        • retepvosnul says:

          Useless, not unlike those dirty flying rats then !

          But you just find them merely useless and therefore consider building automatic weapons to shoot at them !.

          You happily employ barbedwire, for fuck sake, to protect some colourful reproductive organs in awkwardly places ceramic pots.

          Boy I wish I could just wreak havoc on anything I consider “useless”, It would become WWIII.

  8. default says:

    Plus F*#%~!^> One

  9. ferdie says:

    cats have no owners, we are the boss and have brainwashed us so that we make devices so that they may suffer a lazy life.
    the next terrorist attack comes from the cats.
    They are already planning for years on

  10. smoketester says:

    Make the cat use the garage door opener to go Up or Down. Make Pavlov proud.

  11. Max says:

    I like that they put all that effort into a lift but couldn’t add a little extra shelf at the top so the cat doesn’t have to reach out across the huge drop to get into the thing. It was clearly nervous about making the jump in and a plank for it to walk straight through the door couldn’t be that much extra hassle…

  12. Peter says:

    Add RFID so that it doesn’t become a “that’s not my cat!” elevator

  13. Matthew says:

    There is a site devoted to both high and low-tech solutions to the cat problem.


  14. GZ says:

    I built something similar for a guy once but at the bottom was a pool of sharks.

  15. Dub says:
  16. Taufeeq says:

    Well, its quite interesting and hight tech as i see it, its also neatly built, except that its slow and the door has some problem, the cat had difficulty in getting out, she looked stuck in the door when she was trying to get out.

  17. N0LKK says:

    My guess is the elevator is first the benefit of the cast owner, and the benefit of the cat second. Except for the damn litter box cats can be alright. Living at a rural location my cats tend to be yard cats rather than house cats anyway.

  18. F4r4d4y says:

    Where was the request in the post about “Tell us how much you hate cats”? Seriously, they are predictable animals that do more good than harm while “roaming free”. Dog people hate them but is sounds like some type of weenis-envy thing; when’s the last time you heard of a pet cat mauling someone or killing another dog? Cats also dont crap all over your car making it look like a raspberry holocaust attacked your paint. Any pet chimp in the news I’ve ever heard of bit off and swallowed fingers or ripped a woman’s face off.

    Hatred of cats? Seriously? “Ooh, they sneak around and stuff” was the “best” excuse I’ve heard. Weirdos.

  19. Somebody loves cats too much :)

  20. M Thornton says:

    I have a cat that has been left with a disability and has weak hind legs. We have been trying to avoid a home with stairs but its getting tough. I would like to see instructions on how to build one. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know. We are getting pretty desperate!

  21. Beatrix says:

    Could work perfectly for those cats who are constantly jumping from the 4th – 8th floor!

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