Sphere morphing hexabot now rolls around

[Zenta] has been building his MorpHex rolling hexapod for nearly a year now, and good things come to those who wait. After a ton of development and fabrication, [Zenta] finally has his mechanical jellyfish robot rolling and walking around.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen [Zenta]‘s MorpHex robot in action. A year ago, we saw the beginnings of the project with that included 25 servos mounted on a custom chassis. Last winter, the top hemisphere of the MorpHex was added, but rolling locomotion was still on the drawing board. A lot has changed since then, and now [Zenta]‘s robot can roll or walk across the floor.

From the video (available after the break), we see that [Zenta] kept the one degree of freedom for the panels on the upper cylinder. He’s thinking about making the MorpHex more symmetrical; just copying the plans for the bottom hemisphere onto the top, for instance. This plan would allow the MorpHex to roll in a straight line, so we can’t wait to see what [Zenta] cooks up next.


  1. bullet_in_head says:

    I thought to somthing like this for my first exapod! You are a king! Voted!

  2. Robot says:

    Siiiick. You’ve got my vote.

  3. David says:

    i STILL want one!
    3d printer.. need 3d printer

  4. Praetor says:

    Wow, the rolling around seem so fluid, it reminds me of animals frolicking around, much like chimps mirkats, racoons, etc. Bravo!

  5. TheYikes says:

    Awsome!! totally kick ass!

  6. Chet says:

    That is pure genius!
    It’s almost like it’s a bug of sorts.

  7. Akoi Meexx says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of Samus when it morphs to a ball and starts rolling around?

    Was excellent when it was first featured on HaD, still excellent and becoming more epic with every iteration.

  8. fightcube says:

    This is the definition of POLISHED, i.e., SLICK! Great bot ;-)

  9. MeeToo says:

    Need to see this diguised as a kids toy in some spy movie :-) You’d think it was cgi LOL

  10. JDN says:

    Amazing! Great job!

  11. Scott says:

    This build is EPIC. Love the smooth fluid motions, GREAT JOB!!!!!

  12. Bob Spafford says:

    ‘Gotta be the finest piece of amateur engineering I’ve ever seen!

    Note that their video ends at 4:20. A coincidence?

    I’m finding the link and voten for ‘em!

  13. Bob Spafford says:

    Oops! The link resides below the video on YouTube, not here. They are in some international design competition and request our votes. I’m goin back to YouTube and findin that link wright now!

  14. Hirudinea says:

    Amazing,but how would it work outside? You know, dirt, uneven surfaces, I think NASA is looking for a new Mars Rover, or at least something to freak toddlers out.

    • Actually, SpaceX is looking for robot concepts for Mars missions!

      Turn this idea into $$$$$$$

      • Zenta says:

        I’ve not tried it outside yet, I do plan to though. I don’t think it would work very well on rough terrain. Another method for rolling would be better, more like a caterpillar motion maybe? When it comes to dirt the internal electronics is way to vulnerable for that. But with a completely different budget who knows.. ;)

  15. abbtech says:

    This thing looks like a ton of fun. I can see this thing getting simplified and getting mass marketed by a company like WowWee.

  16. Kaleb says:

    Quite an awesome robot! The servo movements seem to be very fluid, it’s all quite impressive :]

  17. Zenta says:

    Thanks for your nice words and votes! That means a lot to me! I’ll do my best to make the next version even better.

  18. Koray says:

    This is stunning, Zenta. You’ve got my vote!


  19. Julius says:

    Incredibly well done. I just voted for you.

  20. f00 says:

    Epic! Voted.

  21. XOIIO says:

    i fucking love this thing, i want it so bad

  22. Eirinn says:

    Amazing… and it’s shielded ;3 i for one welcome our robot overlords.

  23. slightlyMad says:

    now.. build a 10 meter tall one to take over the world!.. with lasers.. and spiky things..

  24. ob3sus says:

    This will be even more amazing once it is weaponized

  25. noouch says:

    I’m betting that this will make it in to the next Portal/Half-Life game.

  26. Christopher Osborn says:

    I want to eat it, its so realistic it reminds me of a crab.

  27. Andres says:

    It’s awesome. Maybe, if it was bigger, a copule of motorized gyroscopes will make it roll faster on even surfaces. But it’s still awesome.

  28. Aeva says:

    Shut up and take my money.

  29. Jimbolomeloyelo says:

    All that is left to add is two blasters and a force field

  30. PaulM says:

    This is exemplary work, it inspires and motivates other dreamers to achieve the standards you have set.

  31. Tachyon says:

    This is amazing, wonderful work!

  32. MEME says:

    this is like the apple products of robotics.

  33. Caleb says:


  34. NewCommentor1283 says:

    im already fearing for my life.

    in other news, a city is over taken by…

  35. ShawnXian says:

    Can’t wait for it to fly!

  36. godiffl says:

    can see these as the next spy gadget.. rolling around taking pictures curling into a football or something lol

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