2 horse power 3 wheeled beast

This beast above is the result of what is probably the coolest class project ever.  The instructors[Michael Ham] and [Kenny Ham] gave their students a pile of junk and said “build something”. The goal was a “vehicle that could recharge itself”. In the pile were motorcycle tires, an old classroom seat, the front suspension from a VW bug, some old power drills, a solar panel, and a battery, amongst other bits and pieces.  What you see above was the result.  While it may not win any drag races any time soon, it was a fantastic class project that had the students thinking their way around many problems.

The videos on the project page show that this thing isn’t quite as sluggish as we would have expected for its size.

[via Make]


  1. Cole says:

    Those look like early 80s suzukie rims. I’m planning on doing something similar but I’m going to use an 1100 cc engine

  2. NewCommentor1283 says:

    way cool, needs a soundsystem with lights that flash to the music man, peace out!

  3. Ren says:

    Just musing…
    Would the Open Source HardWare struts/beams be strong enough for the frame of this thing?

  4. Malikaii says:

    That gives me a great idea for a kid’s project. Dump some crap in their lap and tell them to make something. Thanks.

  5. J. DOYLE says:

    School should hang this on the wall or over the trophy case full of football, and basketball trophies. Far more potential in this class than in the teams.

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