3 axis Accelerometer with LED bar displays

[Viktor] doesn’t remember why he started this project. He doesn’t know what he had in mind in the beginning, nor what the intended use was.He knows he wanted something interactive with blue LEDs.  What he ended up with, was a 3 axis Accelerometer with a pretty cool display that sits on his desk to amuse visitors.

Constructed using a PIC16F887 for the brains and a Freescale MM7361 3 axis  accelerometer, you can pull the schematics from his site. The code is available on demand as well.

[via HackedGadgets]


  1. fightcube says:

    I forgot what I just read… oh, pretty colors!

  2. CoolMod says:

    Nice job. BTW: Forgot to include the schematics for the display part. (put twice the processor schematic).

  3. Ich says:

    Switched the sign of one of the axis in the PCB plane. One is pointing down under gravity, the other up.

  4. LASIK says:

    i was wondering where is the display schematics. did you use some kind of shift registers for it?

  5. Praetor says:

    I think it’s a cool gadget, though I wonder why is it so big? I mean, if SMD’s are utilized why not make it more compact by condensing things? Oh, nope, I got it now, it might grow feet and “walk away” , so to speak. Still…cool gadget.

  6. smoketester says:

    Now I have a reason to build an LED Cube Array. I want my Z in 3D :)

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