Controlling The Power With Bluetooth

[Mike] dropped us a tip to show off a system he has built to control some power sockets based on his proximity.  Initially the project started as a parallel port controlled box to switch the mains power.  Then he got the idea of turning this into a little more interactive of an automation tool. He is utilizing the bluetooth from his cell phone as a locator. When the box senses that he’s in the room, the power is on. When he leaves the area, the power is off.  You can see his ruby code on his web site if you wanted to give it a try or offer improvements.

7 thoughts on “Controlling The Power With Bluetooth

  1. Cool Project! I do something similar to this, but using Insteon for the control. My system knows I’m home based on the presence of my bluetooth interface and also from motion sensors in the ADT alarm system, which feeds data to my automation system via an AD2USB interface. Triggering scenes based on occupancy is then easy.

  2. I’m trying to build a power socket that detects if your laptop needs charging or not. At my work we waste a lot of energy because ppl are charging their laptop the whole day (even when the battery is full).

  3. bluetooth is too unsecured for my liking, keep it totally off unless in use,


    you could easily “home in on” your own cell signal’s idle transmission (all cells in the room)
    but the idle tx is very VERY short and lower power then the
    so interference and stray signals might give a false positive?

    it musnt be THAT hard cuz you can buy a mini cell antenna that blinks when your in a call or sendtxt or web… when attached instead of anntenna.
    (and yes it takes batteries and wears out quickly)

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