The live streaming 72 hour build-off begins tonight!

Tonight at 6pm pst, the people at RedBull will be announcing the theme for the 72 hour build-off. We’ve cleaned our space, set up the cameras, and tried to get a good night’s sleep.  We’re all ready to kick some ass and would love it if you would join in to watch and even chat with us during the build. You should be able to watch all of the teams at the red bull contest web site. Though you can also just tune in to us at the link below, or on the sidebar.

During some of our team meetings we decided that watching a live stream of us hunched over some device for 72 hours would be extremely boring. To help remedy this, we have been contacting people all week to arrange proper amusement. We have graffiti artists, dancers, and some other miscellaneous things(possibly fire breathers?) in the works to help break the monotony. You’ll see a board labelled “EVENTS” in the bottom left of our stream. This should help keep you notified when the next bit of amusement shall arrive.

If you want to just watch the teams individually, there’s a list of each of our channels after the break.

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:

channel page:


  1. Colecago says:

    Looking forward to it. Maybe your fire breather will be your Mario Plant?

  2. spacebar says:

    From the pic you posted it looks like a bukkake vid from the actresses point of view.

    But I just watched a bit of it and would like to ask if you could help me either:

    a) get the time back

    b) build a flux capacitor

    By the way I was not looking for videos of bukkake from the actresses point of view (the only wangs I like are both my own – one is my 2200 the other is my wang)

    I vist HAD at least once a day (remember those old “accessible hacks? (by which I mean those where you could use a pencil to overclock your PC’s CPU – check the archive it should still be there”)

    I’m not trolling or anything like that – I just think HAD should go back to (or have a section for) accesible hacks.

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