Last chance to enter The Hackaday Prize.

Hackaday is going to ToorCamp!

Last month, we lamented that Toorcamp was coming but we weren’t going to be able to attend. Since then, we’ve brought a new writer on board that will be going to Toorcamp! [Eric Evenchick] will be attending and supplying coverage for Hackaday.

For those who haven’t heard yet, Toorcamp is a 4 day hacker event being held near Neah bay Washington. They described it as “burning man with less drugs and more hacking”.  We can’t wait to see what [Eric] shares from this event!


  1. Fritoeata says:

    I wish there was something on the NICE WEATHER side of WA state… ;)

  2. wifigod says:

    CRAP! I thought Toorcamp was next month. :-( Will have to wait another two years and catch the 3rd one I guess,

  3. jetcityorange says:

    Eric, did a great talk. Next time, give him more time!!!

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