Watermelon air boat


We think you’ll turn a few heads in Central Park if you’re driving a water melon around when everyone else is piloting sailboats. This watermelon is both sea worthy and radio controlled thanks to the work which [Starting Electronics] put into it.

We used this image because it shows you what’s inside of the hull, but you don’t want to miss the thing motoring around an above-ground swimming pool in the clip after the break. The hollowed out shell is quite buoyant and has no problem staying afloat and upright with the addition of a propeller. The parts from a remote control airplane kit have been mounted on a wooden scaffold. This provides plenty of thrust with a servo motor moving turning the prop for directional control. There is no dagger board so the craft is a bit slow to respond to turns. But how responsive do you expect a floating melon to be?


  1. Ryoku says:

    *nods* bigger motor and hydrofoils….

  2. Mellon Head says:

    Instantly love it.

    Use a giant GMO mellon and put a person in it.

  3. Mellon Head says:

    Man the cucumber torpedoes!

  4. Mellon Head says:

    It should have a remote controlled squirt gun, possibly mounted on the top of the motor stand.

  5. Who? says:

    He should have had the propulsion under water and kept the watermelon intact then take it out to a lake with a populated beach :P

  6. Hirudinea says:

    LOL! They need to pumpkinize this for next Halloween.

  7. wowme@wtf.com says:

    green recycling

  8. Gizmos says:

    That is the second coolest watermelon air boat I’ve seen!

  9. bloop says:

    Reminds me of GMod.

  10. leesamn says:

    This is not a combination of words i expected on H.A.D. Though i can’t say i object in any way.

  11. Kim Laroux says:

    I thought the picture showed it upside down, so that the propulsion was hidden bellow the watermelon. I wondered why the propeller was so large…

    Really, it would have been quite something to see nothing but a watermelon moving around the pool.

    Still, this should turn heads just as much.

  12. Dr. DFTBA says:

    I’d like it better if it were the same idea, but upside-down.

  13. Vonskippy says:

    Launch the M80 torpedoes

  14. Addidis says:

    I think that is pretty respectable response for a watercraft. That could totally be a kit (byomelon).

  15. kay says:

    It’s the kamikaze watermelon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKUw-FfTaM0

  16. jpnorair says:

    I curious about the propeller motor, controller, and battery pack — anyone here familiar with electric RC plane stuff? It seems like the motor is using a lot of power … what are the chances that this LiPo battery is usable for more than a few charge cycles?

  17. Best post title evar!

  18. Michael says:

    Way more responsive than I expected after seeing the picture!

  19. dmcbeing says:

    I expected to see a zepelin like thing made from a watermellon….oh well.
    Nice idea,also when you think that you can actually shape a watermelon by confining it in a small space (box watermelons anyone?) it gets intriguing.
    I am wondering how long it will take to rot/decompose?

  20. Just love it

  21. razor386 says:

    I want to see a vegetable race. Watermelons, eggplants and pumpkins, battling it out! The cucumbers would be like dragsters (needs port/starboard stability “pontoon” rig most likely)

  22. asi says:

    but the boat have no control

  23. supershwa says:

    Too freaking cool. I’m laughing my ass off!

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