Controlling a Raspberry Pi with real life redstone


We’ve seen computers built in Minecraft out of redstone, the game’s version of electricity, circuits, and digital logic. We’ve even seen a few redstone contraptions controlling real-world devices. [Angus]‘ build, though, takes things to a whole new level. He’s created a bridge between Minecraft circuits and their real life counterparts using a Raspberry Pi.

[Angus]‘ build relies on a mod for Minecraft servers running as a Bukkit plugin. Blocks powered by redstone are labeled with an in-game sign, and messages regarding the state of a block are passed over the network using the MQTT protocol.

The hardware side of the build is a Raspberry Pi with a PiFace expansion board. With this setup, [Angus] can control LEDs on the PiFace by toggling Minecraft levers, or light up redstone lamps using the PiFace’s buttons.

If you’d like to try this out for yourself, you can grab the Bukkit plugin over on [Angus]‘s git. Check out the video of the real life redstone in action after the break.


  1. andar_b says:

    Anyone who likes digital logic and Minecraft probably already knows this, but the RedPower2 mod is amazing in terms of the options it provides for redstone wiring. Multiple cable colors, bundled cables, timers, one-block logic gates, even up to a processor capable of using FORTH. Pretty cool, I haven’t explored even a fraction of the options.

    Computercraft isn’t bad either, it adds LUA based computers and turtles to interact with the game world.

    Either of these would be a great addition to such a project.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    All I can think of when I see this – is opening up Minecraft and flipping a switch and having a secret panel open in a room of your house.

  3. HC says:

    Didn’t [Cnlohr] do something almost the same as this a couple of months ago?

  4. Kevin Keith says:

    That’s it, we’ve reached the singularity of pandering. Figure out a way to work in arduino, 3D printing, and kickstarter and Hackaday will collapse in upon itself.

  5. Mike says:

    Anyone else see the image and think ‘hey what seed is that?’

  6. I can see it working for home automation. When at work, log into minecraft, walk to your virtual house and flip the switches for the heating you want to have on and in your real house the corresponding heating elements turn on.

  7. Iamaboy says:

    I dont undestand the point of minecraft. You make your staff in simulator is this all or i am missing something?

    • NeverCast says:

      That’s pretty much it, but it’s a free simulator, or at least a lot cheaper than buying the hardware, and with all the mods and plugins, there is almost no limits beyond your imagination.

  8. Hi. I have made a demo with Minecraft and a plastic skull fitted with servos and LED’s that perform facetracking of the player. It uses scriptcraft and MQTT

  9. Chris Newton says:

    We played around with the real life redstone plugin and got it working … we used a button on the RPi to trigger a redstone circuit connected to TNT in minecraft … pretty spectacular.

    We uploaded a youtube video at:

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