Hackaday Links: Sunday, August 4th, 2013


[Craig Turner] shows that simplicity can be surprisingly interesting. He connected up different colors of blinking LEDs in a grid. There’s no controller, but the startup voltage differences between colors make for some neat patterns with zero effort.

Remember the 3D printed gun? How about a 3D printed rifle! [Thanks Anonymous via Reason]

While we’re on the topic of 3D printing, here’s a design to straighten out your filament.

It takes four really big propellers to get an ostrich off the ground. This quadcopter’s a bit too feathery for us, but we still couldn’t stop laughing.

This Kinect sign language translator looks pretty amazing. It puts the Kinect on a motorized gimbal so that it can better follow the signer. We just had a bit of trouble with translation since the sound and text are both in Hebrew. This probably should have been a standalone feature otherwise.

Work smarter, not harder with this internal combustion wheelbarrow. [via Adafruit]


  1. Juergen says:

    The ostrich copter is definitely not funny!!

  2. wjs says:


  3. Amnon says:

    Mike Hi
    I have send you more info about the Kinect sign language translator to the TIPS e-mail.
    And I will add comments in english on the you tube clip later today.
    Thanks Amnon

  4. nah! says:

    the rifle is stupid, one could build one from scrap metal, that survives several shots

  5. AllenKll says:

    I don’t get the blinky LEDs “hack.” It’s just some blinking LEDs. Why is this impressive? The video describes a pattern. But I don’t see a pattern. Just a bunch of flashing LEDs that will sometimes line up, as flashing LEDs will do based on their variation in construction.

    • Craig Turner says:

      That’s it exactly, the construction of the LEDs makes the pattern (different colors require different forward voltages and currents to work). It’s not random. Watch two LEDs or two colors for a while. But even that doesn’t matter – the brain will create patterns even for random sequences anyway. The pattern may drift after a while. But, I agree it’s not an impressive hack, just cheap and cheerful, pretty science.

  6. Ren says:

    Inre: IC wheelbarrow
    The video doesn’t show it actually carrying a load. And it appears to only have engine braking and gravity to slow it down. This criticism is from someone who actually had to use a loaded wheelbarrow lately.

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