Automatic Bluetooth Module Programmer


Before we dive in don’t be confused by the title. This doesn’t flash firmware to the device. But it does automate the process of setting up the Bluetooth to serial module for use in your projects.

We’re often confused by the lack of a standard way of describing these inexpensive modules. We would look at this can call it an HC-05, but we’re not sure if that’s right or not. [James Daniel] calls it a JY-MCU board. If you have a handle on the differences (or lack of) please let us know in the comments. Either way we know that these boards can be frustrating to work with. They can be found with a wide variety of different firmwares, which can make the configuration process a bit different for each.

[James'] solution connects the device to an Arduino running a sketch that he wrote. Connect the device, launch the terminal monitor in the Arduino IDE, then give it your desired settings. The sketch will poll the Bluetooth module to see what speed it is set to run at. It will then establish which firmware version the board is running, displaying this info in the terminal. It then uses that information to program the board with your desired settings.

In this case [James] is using one of the modules to drive his 3D printer without being tethered to his laptop.


  1. The HC-05 is one of a series of castellated modules (HC-06, -07, etc). the JY-MCU is a breakout board for whatever version of module happens to be soldered onto it.

  2. Andrew says:
  3. Wax says:

    I initially though this were a firmware flasher for those HC-05/HC-06 modules that didn’t require a parallel port.

  4. Wretch says:

    Damn! (In a good way.) This is exactly what I’ve been working on. These BT modules are great, but setting them up is a bit of a pain. Since they’re so cheap it’s almost worth it to get a bunch, set one or two for some of the common baud rates each and just leave them that way.

  5. Brendan Robert says:

    Yusssss! Thanks for this! I have one of these modules along with a Max232 that I plan to use to make my LG TV bluetooth-controlled. This article comes to me at a great time!

  6. Steve Parker says:

    Glad to see a write up on these – I’ve been using these for 6 months now and they are a terrific interface to any MCU..

  7. Anand Dhuru says:

    There’s a terrific configurator utility available for these cheap Linvor modules. Very easy to use, auto finds the serial port the module is connected to and so on.

    I, personally, find it quite indespensible.


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