SCARA Arm Becomes Enormous 3D Printer


When you find an old, disused 80s-era SCARA arm in a lab, there’s really not much more you can do than make a giant 3D printer with it.

The last time we saw [Dane]‘s salvaged SCARA arm, he had reconstructed the electronics by building his own servo motor controllers and feedback sensors. There were a few initial test prints, but the new upgrades to this printer make it much more useful, make it look even more kludged together, and made the prints even more accurate.

The largest upgrade to the new machine is an updated heated build plate. The previous plate used six 30W resistors. Good enough, but with two additional 245W membrane heaters, [Dane] can now keep his build plate at a constant 65 degrees C. Keeping such a large area warm requires a heated build chamber, so [Dane] came up with a giant semi-hexagonal box of warm made from aluminum extrusion, laser-cut parts, and acrylic frames.

Compared to earlier prints, the SCARA arm is printing some very nice parts including a battery holder for 40 LiFePO4 cells, and a beautiful propeller for a 3D printed boat. It’s an impressive build, made even more so by the fact this robotic arm was found during a lab cleanup.


  1. vale0077 says:

    already posted

  2. John says:

    Woah, that is a lot of documentation! I wonder what the power bill is?

  3. Ed says:

    Wow that is a boatload of documentation, it’d be neat to see the STL of the prop.

  4. XOIIO says:

    uuuhg, where do these people work that they get such awesome freebies?

  5. pod says:
  6. ... says:

    Oh god yes, 3D print all the things

  7. Galane says:

    You! Dig! Giant Robots!
    We! Dig! Giant Robots!
    CHICKS! Dig! Giant Robots!

    Such a pity MEGAS XLR was canceled.

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