Status Light Tells You The Code is Borked Again

status light

[Arthur] is teaching himself product development. Rather than create a few mock-up products, he’s taking the path of designing real devices he can use. His current device is a status light for automated software tests.  We’ve seen test and GitHub status lights before, however this is the first one to integrate with an outside web service. The status light’s state is based upon output from CodeShip, an online continuous deployment test engine.

The electronic design is simple. An Electric Imp retrieves test status data from CodeShip. The Imp then sends the status data over two GPIO lines to an AdaFruit Trinket. The Trinket controls a NeoPixel ring. A green ring indicates all tests are passing. Purple means tests are in progress. A spinning red ring (of death) means one or more tests have failed. Power is supplied via a mini USB connector.

[Arthur] spent quite a bit of time on the mechanical design of the status light as well. All the parts are 3D printed. This allowed him to quickly go through several revisions of each part. We like the use of white PLA for a frosted effect on the top section of the light, as it diffuses the eye piercing glow from all those RGB LEDs. As a finishing touch, [Arthur] created a fake product page for his light. He doesn’t have any plans to sell it, but we hope he drops the source and STL files so we can create one of our own.


  1. sft2 says:

    This reminds me of the everything is OK siren. As long as that ear splitting siren is going off, everything is fine.

  2. Old'un says:

    Not a hack – It’s an impressively-presented bit of kit. I’ve got a 60-led RGB strip here for intending to do much the same thing (many many branches/builds/tests)

  3. fartface says:

    Dont need the Source and STL files as this is trivial to replicate. Most everything is using standard libraries and some very basic glue in between. and the 3D printed parts are trivial as well.

    It’s a very cool idea for use on several angles. For example if you dont like spelling the 3D printer, use this to let you know the progress amount and status of the 3d Printer in the garage while you play tuber on call of duty.

    • eric says:

      For you it might be trivial, but for others having the source code will be helpful and educational.

      Also, I think its a little rude to trivialize the work that went into this. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in polish.

      • JonBo says:

        “Also, I think its a little rude to trivialize the work that went into this. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in polish.”

        The same could be said about a turd pile.

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