DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials Day 1


Today was the first of two days of trials at the DARPA Robotics challenge at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida. Created after the Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, The robotics challenge is designed to advance the state of the art of robotics. The trials range from driving a car to clearing a debris field, to cutting through a wall. Robots score points based on their performance in the trials. Much of the day was spent waiting for teams to prepare their robots. There were some exciting moments however, with one challenger falling through a stacked cinder block wall.

Pictured above is Valkyrie from NASA JPL JSC. We reported on Valkyrie earlier this month. Arguably one of the better looking robots of the bunch, Valkyrie proved to be all show and no go today, failing to score any points in its day 1 trials. The day one lead went to Team Schaft, a new robot from Tokyo based startup company Schaft inc. Schaft scored 18 points in its first day. In second place is the MIT team  with 12 points. Third place is currently held by Team TRACLabs with 9 points. All this can change tomorrow as the second day of trials take place. The live stream will be available from 8am to 7pm EST on DARPA’s robotics challenge page.


  1. Jordan says:

    Click link promising a robot falling through a wall, get an overly long eyefull of someone’s crotch and ass instead.


  2. jacques says:

    tether everywhere

  3. I am seeing a lot of people pushing hundred thousand dollar machines with broomsticks, ‘look at it balance!’ Soon the machines will rise up again their janitorial oppressors!

  4. Erin says:

    Uhhh…NASA JPL or NASA JSC? It looks very much like NASA JSC in the image, and in the previous post.

    Disclaimer: Johnson Space Center is where I work as a contractor, though not on this project.

  5. David says:

    Schaft! That Schaft is one bad …
    Shut yo’ mouth!
    You know I’m talking ’bout Schaft!

    Sorry, it had to be done!

  6. Robots are going to take over the world… really.. really.. slowly..

  7. Haha, oh man! I’m almost certain the name is a reference to SCHAFT Enterprises, a manufacturer of robots and recurring antagonist in the manga and anime series “Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor”

    Look out, mundanes! The otaku are building a robot army!

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