Touring Deezmaker, The First *Good* 3D Printer Store In The World


When we visited the Crash Space hackerspace earlier this week, it came to our attention we were staying mere blocks away from Deezmaker, a 3D printer store in beautiful Pasadena that is home base for the Bukobot and Bukito printers, an awful lot of awesome printed plastic things, and [Rich] a.k.a [whosawhatsis], creator of the RepRap Wallace and all this stuff. Obviously a tour was in order.

Inside Deezmaker is a treasure trove of printed baubles and a fishbowl full of a herringbone planetary gear systems free for the taking. They have printers running all the time, a very nice lab for [whosawhatsis], and enough work space to host a few workshops every week.

In the video below, [Diego], the big cheese of Deezmaker takes us around the shop showing off his wares. [whosawhatsis] also makes an appearance showing off his latest invention, the Bukito printer. It’s a very small and incredibly portable printer that can be powered by batteries. They’re using a 3-cell 5000mAh lipo battery when they take the Bukito camping. I didn’t catch how long the battery lasts, but it’s more than enough to squirt out a few of the gear systems they give away.

Video after the break.


  1. Matt says:

    You guys hired Jamie from mythbusters to record your videos?! :p

  2. Mike Garber says:

    “They’re using a 3-cell 5000mAh lipo battery when they take the Bukito camping.”

    Ahhhhh……… what?en they take the Bukito camping.

  3. Whosawhatsis says:

    The battery lasts about 1.5 hours.

  4. John Klos says:

    Why is it that most people forget to mention WHERE these places are?

  5. EccentricElectron says:

    A *shop* – quaint, how 20th century!

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Definitely going to check this place out soon!

  7. Matt Terndrup says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to check this place out soon!

  8. Regulus says:

    I love Hackaday, I love Deezmaker, but I do not love the video. I don’t feel it does either group justice, really. I suspect that most of my unhappiness stems from the way the camera feels almost like a 3rd party during the interview sections, and the interviewees seem… caught off guard.

    I can’t fault you for my very subjective viewpoint, but I think it could be better. I hope that can be taken constructively.

  9. Vonskippy says:

    It’d help on their “request a quote” page if they’d give example projects and costs.

    Being new to 3D printing, ” $25 initial setup and $1.5 per/cm³” doesn’t give me much to relate to.

    Oversight on their part – or are they afraid it will scare people away?

  10. F says:

    how much are your chevalines?

  11. 0c says:

    What’s a deez and how do you make one?

  12. Kyle Buck says:

    I read somewhere that I think Hersey’s is thinking about selling 3D printers for chocolates! I’m sure if they do the printers could be used for MUCH MORE!!!

  13. chas says:

    Wow, the “TPE” rubbery material looks like it would be great for making masks and facial prosthesis with.

  14. Jordan says:

    I find it amazing this can all be done with battery power. Impressive!

  15. Greg says:

    The possibilities with a 3D printer seem limitless. I can imagine it changing the face of how we produce all kinds of goods.

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