The Gathering: Huge Success!

In case you haven’t heard, Hackaday put on a little shindig in downtown LA this past Tuesday. It was awesome.

And we had a few very awesome visitors: [Eliot], senior editor of Hackaday for the first five years made a showing, as did former co-editor [Jack Buffington]. Eminent LA-area hackers came out, including [charliex] of Null Space Labs, the guys from Deezmaker, and the long-haired hippie who can be found in a few NASA videos for the Curiosity rover.

Aside from the free drinks and the awesome people, there was some really cool tech on display. The mezzanine of the bar had a laser graffiti rig, and everyone who came received a super collectible NFC card that allowed them to vote on what Hackaday is doing for our next main event (the quadcopter option won but the vote was non-binding so we’ll keep you updated).

On a personal note, this was one of the few times I’ve interacted with Hackaday readers without the use of a keyboard. You guys are awesome. Thanks for coming out, and if you have any pics from the party, post a link to an album in the comments, or share your stories with us on Twitter via #HaDLAGoogle+, and/or Facebook.

Pics below. These were taken by [Edward de la Torre]

21 thoughts on “The Gathering: Huge Success!

    1. I have final say on the event (because I’m ultimately stuck planning it). I actually edited Brian’s post to put that disclaimer in there. Here’s why I agree with you that Rube Goldberg (which came in second) is a great concept:

      One of the attendees was speaking with me about the themes and he said he liked the Rube Goldberg option because it was collaborative instead of competitive. I think that’s a very important distinction. Wouldn’t you rather have readers with elite skills giving those still honing their skills a hand rising to the top of hardware hacking? I would.

  1. The first photo makes it look like hacking is done with vacuum tubes and wax coated paper caps.
    My impression was that of a depression era bread and soup line.
    Oh! the freak that drives around on Mars. Way to go!

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