LED Snowboards Light Up The Night

night time snowboarding

Snowboarding at night is awesome — but unless your riding on a well-lit ski slope you’re not going to have much luck free-styling through the mountains — unless of course you’ve got a board equipped with floodlights!

The folks over at Signal Snowboards do tons of cool snowboard mods, like making a snowboard completely out of paper, making a heated board to melt the snow as you go, making a bullet proof snowboard… the list goes on. Eager to make use of the dwindling 2014 boarding season, they decided to make the Floodlight Snowboard, a board equipped with LED lights on all sides that makes for amazing nighttime riding — and really cool video and photo effects!

A company donated a ton of LED headlights and flashlights to them and they got to work. While it’s technically as simple as strapping a flashlight to the board, since they actually manufacture boards, they’ve gone ahead and fully integrated the lights right into design. It’s quite cool to see the full process in their shop!

[via Gizmodo]


  1. William DeRieux says:

    Why not take it a step further and make the entire board light up–like something seen in Tron–where you are literally riding a board made of light.

  2. vonskippy says:

    The helmet lights put out ALL the useful light, the board lights were nothing but show.

    • peggus says:

      I think the whole point was “for show”.

      • vonskippy says:

        And yet the opening paragraph states:

        “but unless your riding on a well-lit ski slope you’re not going to have much luck free-styling through the mountains — unless of course you’ve got a board equipped with floodlights!”

        Leading me to believe these mods were supposed to be enough to light up your path on a completely dark run.

  3. Herbert says:

    You guys are supposed to be professionals. You can’t take two minutes to proofread?

    • supershwa says:

      “but unless your riding on a well-lit ski slope”

      …the ol’ your/you’re condition. ;)

      • Mental2k says:

        Y’know I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a muscle memory thing. I’m a database coder in real life and I find I type the word “count” a lot (think around 50-100 times a day) when I started messing around with c++ again I find I type “count” when I mean “cout” a lot. Somehow I’ve just got programmed to hit an n after cou.

  4. Funkdat says:

    You can ski under a full moon. Just saying there’s options.

  5. William DeRieux says:

    OK, I think the problem, with it seeming like there are more lights or that the lights seem brighter than they are, stems from the fact that the video camera is being over saturated by the light–meaning the camera is over-focusing on the bright lights.
    However, what I meant was that the board be more translucent with one or more lights inside; This way that light emanates from every part of the board–something like internal back lighting.

    • afrospock says:

      Seconded. You could use the resin as a diffuser and shape where the light goes. Glowing board isn’t useful for illumination, better to see it like an indicator for where your feet are.

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