We’re at HOPE X

For the next three days, Hackaday will be live, in the flesh, at Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. It’s HOPE X, the biennial conference for hackers, code crackers, and slackers put on by the awesome folks at 2600.

Highlights of the event include a keynote from [Daniel Ellisburg]a video conference with [Edward Snowden], and a whole bunch of other stuff. Hackaday has a booth (thanks, overlords!) on the mezzanine right with the other vendors, right behind the Club-Mate table.

We’ll be putting up random updates from HOPE the entire weekend. If you’re visiting, stop by and we might have a t-shirt for you.


  1. jlbrian7 says:

    taking the kids to adafruit this weekend to buy a couple of drawdios, but cant afford hopex tickets. :(

  2. jlbrian7 says:

    nevermind not a store front, just spending a day in the city

  3. Josh says:

    Nice weird-al reference

  4. yannanth says:

    That is a very kitsch logo indeed!

  5. thantik says:

    I think that they should be hiring edward snowden lookalikes to appear onstage as a “surprise visit”.

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