The Hackaday Prize Rules Update And Entry Date Extension



Hackaday has been hard at work making sure the requirements to qualify for The Hackaday Prize are well understood. Recently we published a FAQ to help answer questions, and we updated the main contest page to make information easier to find. We are also publishing a pair of “walkthrough” videos that show just how easy it is meet these requirements. In light of these clarifications, and the availability of these helpful resources, we have decided to extend the deadline for entries from 8/4/14 to 8/20/14, and to make minor changes to a couple of requirements in the Official Rules. Here’s a summary:

  • Contestants must now complete all requirements for the “Community Vote (Stage 1)” and “Quarterfinals (Stage 2)” by 11:50 P.D.T. on August 20, 2014 (rather than August 4, 2014).
  • Contestants are no longer required to make one video for the Community Vote stage and another video for the Quarterfinals stage. Instead, only one video – the video described under the “Quarterfinals (Stage 2)” subsection of the Official Rules – is required by the 11:50 P.D.T., August 20, 2014, Quarterfinals deadline.
  • Build instructions are no longer required at the Quarterfinals stage.
  • Contestants do not need to post any videos, at any point in the contest, to Hackaday’s YouTube channel (although you still need to upload each video to YouTube or Youku and tag it with the keyword provided in the Rules).

We have amended the Official Rules to reflect these changes. Please view them here.

We hope that this will make it easier for you to enter and claim the The Hackaday Prize by showing off your mad electronics skills. You’ve got extra time… get hacking!

As always, If you have any questions about The Hackaday Prize you may contact us directly:

Thanks, and good luck!

14 thoughts on “The Hackaday Prize Rules Update And Entry Date Extension

    1. I couldn’t care less about the video. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who’s worked very hard to meet the original (very generous) deadline, and definitely would have. So to now give everyone else time to catch up? Kinda sucks. But sour grapes are a waste of energy… just going to focus on my build …. and take the weekend off.

      1. when there is people putting projects that have been on going for years what does it mater anyways? there needs to be a serious you need to build it in a time period not a oh we have been developing this for 2 years lets cash in. I’ve done 5 projects I could put down but looking at the tricorder etc just gets me depressed.

  1. So what brought on these changes? Not enough “space worthy” entries?

    This contest slash publicity stunt is of course very generous, but it would probably have gained the community more with having spent the 250k grand prize as twentyfive prices of $10k or even fifty $5k prices instead. That could be a lot of nice laser cutters or high end 3d-printers distributed into the community.

    1. I think it was just general confusion about what the exact requirements were. There was conflicting information on different pages and some of it was vague or badly worded, leading entrants to think vastly different ideas about what qualifies. I have a project entered, and I wasn’t sure myself what all was required. I think I’m gonna polish up another of my projects and enter it with the extra time

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