20,000 Hackers


What a pleasant thing to wake up and realize that we now have more than 20,000 Hackers on Hackaday.io. It wasn’t even two months ago that we celebrated passing the 10k mark. While we’re talking numbers, how about 2,075 projects, and 148 hackerspaces?

But what’s in a number? It’s what this stands for that really gets us excited! You took the leap and decided to show off what you’re working on while you’re still working on it. This is the key to pollinating ideas. One concept can result in many awesome spin-off projects. So if you haven’t yet written about that killer idea bouncing around in your head, do it now and be the inspiration for the next iteration of amazing hacks.

Much more to come

Our crew has been refining an overhaul of how the feed works to make it easier to know when and how your favorite hackers are updating their builds. You should see that functionality live in August. We’re also working on improving interactivity so that you can better find others with similar interests whether it’s just for casual conversation or to undertake an epic build as a team.

We’re certainly not above pointing out our own weaknesses. The Stack never took off. The idea seemed like a good one, but we need your help figuring out how to make it shine. Leave a comment below telling us what you think The Stack should be and how you think it should work.


  1. superUnknown says:

    I don’t really get the .io site. It the layout is hard to navigate. Is it optimized for tablets or something? I find it hard to snoop around, like every page is a dead end.

  2. jaromirs says:

    Honestly speaking, I don’t have an idea what is “The Stack” good for.
    Anyway, great news. It is nice to see the community is growing and more good things are to come.

    • Bogdan says:

      yeah, I see it more as a section of a forum, a part where you specifically dump the idea and let people say what you thing about it.
      Some the things there are news… which is kind of what the main site is for. Others are questions so I don’t see why they should not be in the forum.

      I see it as a feed with summarized ideas that people just throw in, a title + paragraph with strict size limit(like twitter).
      When the idea takes off it should go to the forums/projects.

  3. CJ says:

    Just signed up! Will be posting my little projects soon.

  4. tekkieneet says:

    If the projects needs to link to google code or github etc, may be that’s a sign that features like hosting project files, collaboration, bugs tracking etc need to be added.

    Otherwise other than google ranking, what’s to be gained here instead of somewhere else where all of those are available?

  5. gag says:

    Pumped worse than a bitcoin bubble.

  6. the gambler says:

    congrats on 20k, however for the stack why not just do the right thing and turn it into an rss feed and be done with it. whatever it is now makes me want to go hurt baby kittens just looking at it. if i could throw it into an rss reader then it would be something that has acceptable use.

  7. The best part is that because they are using some Adobe framework, half the site buttons(the more proeminent fail is the top bar…) don’t work with ghostery enabled..

    • erenemre says:

      Weird that Ghostery disables Typekit webfonts. We are using Typekit (by Adobe) to show nicer (and easier to read) fonts on .io. Although, even when it’s disabled, you should still be able to browse the site with fallback fonts.

  8. Christopher says:

    To deliver additional cynicism, I wonder how many of those users just signed up to be eligible for the Friday free stuff drawings.

    • soundman98 says:

      don’t you need to sign up for HAD.io to be able to vote in the space contest? which would again, artificially inflate the numbers of what they’re implying to be ‘contributing members’…

  9. Rogan says:

    I find the feed to be pretty useless. I don’t particularly care who follows a project that I am following, or if anyone skulls the project. I want to know when those projects get updated, and that’s about it. Implementing that as a RSS feed is all I want.

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