Hands Free Recording – Looks Silly but is Super Effective

Video goggles

While most hackers probably like to claim they’re good at everything, no one is good at filming one-handed. Setting up a tripod and adjusting it every shot can be tedious — wouldn’t it be great if you could just film what you see?

That’s what inspired [Hans de Bruin] to make these camera goggles. He’s using those big old school safety glasses that you can remove the glass lenses from. From there he traced the outline and 3D printed an adapter that would fit snugly in the glasses while holding up a video camera — He’s using a Chinese version of the GoPro called the SJ4000, but it should fit a real one too.

But wait, you’ll get a headache staring into one pixeley LCD screen! [Hans] also added a biconvex optical lens between his eye and the camera – it’s the same kind used in Google’s Cardboard VR kit.

Sound like a tool you could use? Head on over to Thingiverse to grab the files and print it out!


  1. That camera sucks ass. Its max resolution is 720p, lame. Also, putting new links below the Prize article makes it look like there are no new articles. Good job.

  2. cyk says:

    Poor man’s Google Glass.
    What about attaching a phone to the other eye?

  3. BeatJunkie says:

    Now this is a hack. I like it.

  4. icanhazadd says:

    Add one more camera and you could film bumbling around and tripping over things in stereoscope.

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    “Hello, ladies”

  6. pcf11 says:

    Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the GoPro isn’t made in China?

  7. Caiodv says:

    Wouldn’t it be a lot better, and easier, to just strap it on your forehead? That doesn’t look like a hack to me, it just looks stupid.

  8. The little keychain #808 cams are a bit smaller and of comparable quality.

  9. Whatnot says:

    As I see it this would be for people that make unboxing or device presentation youtubes, not to walk around with or to compare to anything like google glass or anything like that.

    And it’s about the setup not about what camera you use really.

  10. Hirudinea says:

    “What do you mean your not going to sell me a ticket? What makes you think I’m going to record the movie!?”

  11. kcah says:

    I do think people look silly holding their cameras or phones on a birthday party or some kind of precious moment in life. They should be in the moment instead of trying to capture the moment.

    I think this is a great ideal.

    With that being said, I do believe they already have products with pin size cameras mounted on normal looking glass frames… I am not sure of the quality of the video, but they do exist.

  12. Bamboori says:

    personally i prefer a headband mount, but each to its own :D

  13. LouLou says:

    If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

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