Get your 2005 Media Center PC to join Windows domains

diy mce

Some hackster by the name of Rafael has figured out way to get PCs running Windows XP Media Center 2005 to join Windows domains, which basically means you’ll be able to hook up to a corporate network. Also handy if you want to remotely administer all forty Media Center PCs spread out around your expansive mansion (or at least make it a tiny bit easier to get one past your IT admin at work).

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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get your sprint treo 650 to work on verizon

verizon treo 650

can’t wait for verizon to get their act together and start carrying the treo 650? right now only sprint is the one that has ‘em, but a few people over at treocentral have figured out to hack the firmware on the 650 so it’ll work on verizon’s network.

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