I’m one step closer to Azeroth

While looking for a way to injure his neck and live in the World of Warcraft all at once, [Gavan Woolery] came up with the idea for this virtual reality setup. That monitor, residing just inches from his eyes, is putting out 1080p at 120Hz. His plan is to pair up the motion sensing seen in the video after the break with an NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit for something close to total immersion.

To be fair, [Gavan] never mentions WoW, but we all know where this is going right?

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MMO Treadmill input


Remember those guys who used treadmills to run in World of Warcraft? They have posted an instructable on how to build the treadmill input device yourself. We know that all you World of Warcraft players are just dying to try to do all your running in the real world.


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