10 thoughts on “MMO Treadmill Input

  1. how is hackaday retarded? from what i’ve seen, they still release a hack a day, so why are people still complaining.

    i do need exercise, but i would never go this route. You get owned because you’re unfit.

  2. As an alternative, you could probably just strap your mouse directly to the belt of the treadmill. If i had a treadmill, I’d post some pics.

    The method from the post would probably work good for a stationary bike too!

  3. @ hogiewan, I seriously hope that was a joke.

    Your is a possessive, “you are” is contracted as “you’re”.

    I think it is great for Hackaday to post all this neat stuff, it isn’t even a 1/4 as bad as instructables yet.

    Just because you have the first clue how to do this hack doesn’t mean that 1,000’s of kids and young adults want to and don’t know how. (not me, but some people don’t know, I congratulate them on learning something new, I know I learn new stuff on here all the time.)

  4. @Marz: Ok, so you hate WOW… then use this to play a racing game… or FPS…

    Also, how is this post retarded? Simply because the authors of the project used wow as the vehicle to showcase their implementation?

    I think they tried connecting the mouse to the treadmill directly, but there were 2 issues, one was the speed (so they had to use the bike-wheel to reduce it) and 2 was the surface (hence the mousepad…)

  5. If they downgraded to a mechanical mouse, they wouldn’t need to bother with all that mousepad hackery. You’d just drive the up/down encoder wheel from the axle or something similar. Besides, calibrating that thing looks like it would be a real pain (lest you wind up going in circles all day).

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