Use The Ipod As A Bootable Drive

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i was playing with the new version of mac os x (tiger) but didn’t want to install it to my local hard drive, so i had a pc formatted ipod i was about to zap any way, so i formatted it and installed tiger on the ipod. while it’s not a good idea to use an ipod a mac hard drive, it’s good for testing and emergencies if needed

5 thoughts on “Use The Ipod As A Bootable Drive

  1. I know of several people who have killed their ipod by using it as a bootable drive. The internal drive was not intended for this use and wears out quickly. Please be careful when doing this. I’ve seen a brand new iPod die within a week of continious use. Using the drive in such a way may void your warranty as well if it is considered abuse. Just be careful.

  2. Brian, do you know what version ipods are getting killed? I wonder if the newest ipod generation’s hd is stable enough to handle booting an OS. If it gets too hot, does anyone know of any hacks in cooling the ipod or maybe where to drill holes for ventilation?

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