Turn A Pocket Pc In To A Wifi Phone

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i’m using vonage, the voice over ip service, and it turns out you can get a special type of add-on called a “softphone account” which allows you to use software on a mac, pc, linux computer to make and receive phone calls as well. turns out you can use just about any wi-fi enable pocket pc as phone too.

5 thoughts on “Turn A Pocket Pc In To A Wifi Phone

  1. using skype on my ipaq and boy is it nice. been calling friends all over the world from that little guy. the only issue is that the microphone picks up the speaker. i’ve just taken to wearing headphones for all my calls.

  2. i posted a hack about this….i guess it wasnt freakin good enough for this site… its better than skype… i think atleast… because stanaphone gives youa free real phone nmumber… only you have to pay for out going calls (minutes)… but you can recieve calls for free… all you need is to be on a wifi network and have this freeware program… its like a prepaid cell only you get free incoming… from anywhere… real phones and cell phones… only downside is that you dont get to choose where your number is… mine isin NY… but i dont care.. i have friends with cells who call me all the time

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