Hack An Etch-a-sketch

hack an etch-a-sketch

using an etch-a-sketch is hard, hooking it up to a mouse might seem harder, but in the end, likely more appropriate and accurate. here comes the electr-o-sketch–hack a mouse to control and draw on the classic and ever present etch-a-sketch.

16 thoughts on “Hack An Etch-a-sketch

  1. That’s awesome. What an interesting twist on an old toy! Hmmmm… kind of wants to make me create a computer controlled etch-a-sketch. Or something that’ll control _and_ record _and_ playback. ;)

  2. I think it would be very cool if this servo motor wireless would be added in this etch-a-sketch hiding inside the knob… and have the hardware that’s mouse input&output and com1 input&output for computer… so, the computer can programming to automatically draw real fast like a movie or just art for show… I think this is total awesome… I got to make this kind of idea! If there’s someone who thought of it and made it.. please post here.. thanks

    keep on a good hack and techology!

  3. What a great hack! That and they provided all the good info needed.
    Obviously, the next step to this hack would be to put a computer in between the mouse and the etch-a-sketch so as to have the ability (as stated by Josh Mccromic above) to record and playback mouse motions as well. Then you’ld want to write program to turn and simple b/w image into a pattern of mouse movements the the etch-a-sketch could replicate.
    Aslo, does anyone remember when etch-a-sketch tried to make those 3D or spherical etch-a-sketches? The one biggest imrovment to the original etch-a-sketch at that point was that the spherical sketches had a switch to engage/disengage the line. If one of those was used instead of an original etch-a-sketch, more complicated pictures could be drawn involving multiple objects without having lines connecting them.

  4. Attaching this to a tablet would be very, very hard, because the tablet does not work like a mouse.

    Mice work by sending data up1-up1-right1-up1-right1-up1-right1-right1- and so on, but a tablet sends “absolute” data (100,100)(103,100)(104,125){picks up pen, stops sending data}(500,800)(504,821) and so on. See how it can jump around. It’s not to say it’s imposable, just requires a lot more and more complex circuitry.

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