Bluetooth Controlled Rc Cars

bluetooth car

i have this rc helicopter that i am thinking of converting to a bluetooth controller, just to see if it’s possible. so after digging around, i found this hack and how-to on outfitting a rc car to run  bluetooth and control it with a phone. the site also includes the source code to run on a nokia series 60 bluetooth enabled phone.

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  1. Now this is a hack. I doubt anyone can find a way to say this isn’t a hack. Not too many practical aplications, though, but I could never find many for the RC cars themselves.

  2. As cool as this is, and it is, isn’t this just a tad pricy and well prety much useless as the range is probably decreased? Sure, it’s a great example of the possiblitites of bluetooth but I’m sure the regular radio controlling unit would be just as effective.

  3. if anything rc controlled goes out of range it will keep on moving. That said, an rc helipcopter, once it goes out of range will get lost, costing you money, and if it injures someone, you are responsible. blue tooth range is sucky, please use FM.

  4. Question: Could you attach the phone to the RC Car dial the phone and control it remotely, from any where in the world?
    – combined with camera/satelite internet you could see where you are going?
    – more reliable/regenerative power sources
    -I can think of some pretty good practical applications for this!

  5. Hi guys I’m a final year student of software developement
    and for my final year project I would like to design
    and build a application that can control a r/c car based on c#.NET.
    I have an 4 switch relay board which I have connected
    to my laptop(which uses XP)to parallel adaptor.
    To tell ye the truth I havent a notion where to start
    Ive searched the web lookin for help and not many people
    seem to know that much about it or where to find sample
    code to get me started. I believe that VB seems to be the
    easiest way to interface with the parallel port but then
    again I could be way off the mark. It would be a god send
    if any of you know any where that i could find source code.
    I’d offer more points but Its all I’ve left and Im just
    a broke student and I cant afford em!

  6. people people people, for our university project, we have successfully interfaced my laptop, using VB.NET via bluetooth to a RC helicopter called the DRAGANFLYER – the helicopter is directly controlled by the laptop, no RADIO CONTROLLER and it works a treat. By clever coding you wouldnt loose the helicoptor, we can remove the dongle, and the code on the onboard PIC has a timer, if it doesnt recieve a BT signal within 5 seconds, it will go into AUTOMATIC DECENT

    the reason we are doing it this way, is to make it automated, you set a hight / direction – press go and by magic the heliopter hovers to its height via the addition of ultrasonic sensors – so this all can be done.

    any questions then mail me

  7. This idea looks really cool,but i think bt would be a horrible way to control an rc device, due to the short range, isn’t it something like 30 ft or 10 meters, in any event my cell phone cant see my pc from my living room and its not very far away.

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