5 thoughts on “Extracting Video From A Tivo Series 1 With Mac Os X

  1. A nice getting started article.

    There are some other great tools that run on the tivo that will work well with the mac. The one that stands out for me is mfs_ftp – a process that runs on the tivo and lets you donwload content via ftp. Click for more info.

    You can then use a standard FTP client like curl to get the list of programs and download them as a ty file – then go back to the instructions in the article on how to convert to mpeg. Mfs_ftp is A LOT FASTER than nc.


  2. There seem to be several “Extract Video From TiVo” hacks out there. What seems to be missing is a “Place Video ON TiVo” hack. What I want to do is put my digital home movies (MPEG) onto my TiVo and see them in Now Showing.


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