The Pc Toaster Mod


looking at my kitchen today i saw there were some appliances that i don’t use, but i could just mod them to have a pc in them and not have to worry about people thinking it’s weird to have a server next to the coffee machine any more. this mod uses a toaster oven as the pc. i think my little xandros box wants to a blender and ftp server.

15 thoughts on “The Pc Toaster Mod

  1. you have showcased some really cool hacks, and there are quite few cool hacks still out there. but the toaster computer and the boombox computer were lame. cute but lame. you should have just put a link to and be done with it. one was ok two is too much. its just a computer in a funky box, what’s special?

  2. i’ve seen this done slightly better with a more realistic, stainless steel traditional toaster. might have been four slots instead of two, come to think of it. the CD-ROM drive even came out of one of the slots.

  3. Bah, the hacks are hacks. If you don’t like em, search the archives. Or make one of your own. I’m not a huge fan of all the bluetooth stuff either. AND I find it hard to trust a man who can’t drink his beer fast enough to keep it from getting warm, but it’s still a kick@$$ site.

  4. Ya, I agree with the E-Machines thing. :)

    Didn’t the thing say something about Xandros? I love Xandros. It’s the only OS I can find besides windOwS that does what I want it to do (but unlike windOwS, it doesn’t mess up every 5 minutes). I bought Xandros but I could have just pirated it (no I’m just kidding)… (or am I…) whatever…

    Ya I’ve heard of people putting those Via “Nano” motherboards into actual toasters. Only they couldn’t put those neon case light things on it and still look like a toaster (hmm… toaster of the FUTURE?)

    You need to put the flying toaster screensaver on it and maybe a wallpaper that looks like a piece of toast. Maybe a brown or something color theme? You need to add to this to make it impress people. If you could make the computer control the toasting…
    Yes I challenge someone to make and take pictures of a toaster that can still make toast but is alo a computer (that doesn’t have to control the cooking features). Anyone want to accept the challenge? Probably not anyone.

    And is that a Gateway monitor? :( Well at least its just a monitor and at least it isn’t Compaq!

  5. i’m currently working on a PC case mod in which i make a computer take up most of the space inside a hard-case breifcase, with a large LDC moniter built into the underside of the lid. A little bigger than a laptop, and much more powerfull. The main issues right now are cooling and power.

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