Tablet Pc Boombox Project

tablet pc boom box

what do you get when you mix a hitachi trk-8200hr boombox and the fujitsu stylistic 1200 tablet pc? more retro you can shake your checkered vans at. i really like the idea of gutting out an old school boom box and using a tablet pc to mimic the original interface, rad.

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  1. Is the computer part is in the screen monitor? Or it is in the boombox? If it’s in the screen monitor.. then it’s not over yet, add up the hard drive in the boombox and add possiable to repair to audio card to build this better sound (or not).. In the end, Install Unreal Tournament AND HALO multiplayer game inside the BOOMBOX! very loud when you’re playing right front of it.. It better be adding up 802.11x USB (Just made WirelessUSB) It should also support driver for this…
    Keep on a good hack and tech

    ps: Can anybody translate this spanish and put in any other site into english? Please do… thanks

  2. Is it me or does “deaf” seem a bit dumb?

    This is an awsome mod. I would love to see how people react when seeing this mod all set up in a crowded park running your webcam and browsing the net. The mod was done amazingly well, with the small lcd screen indicating battery life and everything else. I rmember working on some tablet PCs back when I worked for ASU and wished I had 4 grand to drop on one.

    Keep the hacks coming.

  3. How do I sound dumb? I decided to add some extra idea for this stuff, and yeah i sound dumb because why would i need that fricking boombox, I’M DEAF… anotherwise, it’s stilll an idea for this computer to add up some beat feeling..

    For now on I’m going to change my name “deaf” into “TAG”…

  4. deaf, tag, whatever, here’s some info you might find useful in answering your questions. I didn’t look for TOO long, but there didn’t seem to be many links about this tablet, but here’s one.

    Basically, the computer IS attached to the back of the LCD, it’s a tablet PC. They are horribly expensive when they come out, but the one he was using is a 486 or pentium, old enough to be cheap, powerful enough to be usable. It’s got a 20gig internal HD, and he could add in USB HDs for more storage. It’s a neat little setup.

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