Use The Linksys Nslu2 As An Itunes Server


the linksys nslu2 is a fun thing to hack around with, not only can you change the firmware and do things like telnet to it, but with this guide it can act as an itunes server and stream music to any of your computers running itunes.

11 thoughts on “Use The Linksys Nslu2 As An Itunes Server

  1. rasz, you obviously missed the point of this hack, and iTunes music sharing in general. Not to mention that you posted twice.

    As someone with an 80 GB music library that likes to create one set of playlists and keep it all nicely organized and centralized for every computer, with a consistent interface and easy accessibility, I for one appreciate this hack. mt-daapd rocks and any device I can install it on frees up my options.

    Thanks for the link, hackaday.

  2. I was pleased to see this hack posted coincidentally on the same day I purchased my NSLU2. I have not installed this hardware yet, but my assumption was that I could simply specify the remote USB drive as the default iTunes folder for each of my (3) home pc’s utilizing iTunes.

    If this is indeed the case, I do not understand the benefit of this hack. Will somebody please elaborate?


  3. What a bunch of whining (comments about storing MP3s and such). Those people miss the point of the hack!
    I have a new unit, firmware V2.3R29. Has this version of firmware been hacked yet? If so, where can I find the links? I don’t want NFS, but the iTunes server, telnet and more control would be great!
    Thanks for the sharing of info!

  4. I’m missing the point of this hack too. Can someone explain? I’m thinking of buying an nslu2 for this specific purpose. But I thought I could just dumpy my music onto it and access it from any computer straight out of the box?! Why do I need itunes to do it? Can’t I just go to the network drive, double-click on a playlist and listen to tunes?

  5. The point of the hack is to have a centralized point where to keep playlists and a unique library. If you only use it as a remote disk each of the computers you connect to it will have their own iTunes library and playlists.
    Another point is to have fun doing it !!!

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