Build Your Own Heads Up Display

heads up

okay, so i realize there’s not too much hackyness in this hack. it’s basically googles, fresnel lens, enclosure and a video source–then strapped to ones head in an uncool way.

all that said, i have a lot of things around here that can play video which are a lot smaller and lighter, so i think this is the start of a cool project….stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “Build Your Own Heads Up Display

  1. Has anyone thought about how a HUD from a Vette could be moved to 2005 Hummer H2 and make it work in that rig. I have been thinking about it but, thought someone may have already done it or new how to do it. I guess the HUD would not have to come from a Vette there may be another source that would work better. i do not drive H2 much I just show it and then let it set in shop whie I’m adding smehting else to it to raise another level for show competitions. If anyone can help with this I would be grateful.
    Thanks to whoever can hack this idea.

  2. I was working on a HUD actually, for my car computer. I was working out how to project an image, say from over my shoulder onto the dash mounted panel. I ahve considered using polarized film or etching 1024 x 768 dots onto the glass or using a one way mirror or something. Using a small LCD could work, but isn’t a “hack”. It’s covered ground. Anyhow, just thought I would drop a line.

  3. Defi makes a heads up display that displays numerical RPM or speed but not both numerically. One is always displayed with dots. You can e-bay it for about $200. Someone with some knowhow could purchase it and make a better copy and make his $$$ back by selling a few to his pals. I know this is not much of a hack but it can give you an idea on what type of display and film to us to make your own.

  4. hi… im a student of BSc electronics final year. i am considering a heads up display as a final year project. i would really like someone to guide me through the process…. how do i get started… where do i look for equipment.. etc etc.. my email is PLEASE… im in desperate need of help

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