Ipod Fonts And Graphics Hacked Out Of Firmware

ipod firmware

wow, this is pretty interesting. someone has figured out how to get all the fonts and graphics off the ipod’s firmware. while that’s a pretty amazing feat, i suspect the next thing will be to change the firmware with new graphics, i’ll see what i can figure out!

12 thoughts on “Ipod Fonts And Graphics Hacked Out Of Firmware

  1. hey i have a little prob… i cant get the DO NOT DISCONECT sign to change on my ipod mini.. and when i do it says save bitmap .. and the load bitmap is all greyed out.. and i dont know how to change it.. please i beg of anyone to help me with this prob.. if any one noes how and is felling like they want to help a poor kid out email me at snoopyb8y@aol.com

  2. I’m definitely with you on this one.
    at the moment i am studying graphic design at a little college in New Zealand and am always on the quest for new concepts and fresh perspectives on these topics. I commend you on your ” ipod fonts and graphics hacked out of firmware – Hack a Day ” page! it delivered some really top shelf information.

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