Series 2 Tivo Hacking


in the effort of getting all the tivo hacks up here, this is one sent in (thanks everyone) is a cook book on upgrading a stock sa2, adding more hard disk space, second drives, or getting command line access and tivoweb running on it. it’s not for the advanced hardcore folks, but a good start. if you have other ones, send them in or post’em up!

4 thoughts on “Series 2 Tivo Hacking

  1. Are you kidding? You posted this? I hacked my tivo over the thanksgiving holiday, and it wasn’t pretty, we’re talking over 150 page threads over at the tivo forums, almost 2 years worth of posts. Its a lot to go through. I thought wow, hackaday posted a one stop shop for doing this, great!

    Instead its this dumb page i kept coming across while doing my own hack. This page is totally incomplete, see that 4 at the bottom, it means its not done, and there really isn’t much info on this page at all. I could fart out a more robust tutorial.

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