Fake Nintendo Ds Mods And Hacks?

fake nintendo ds mods and hacks

hmm, i’m not too sure about these hacks, but figured by posting it up, we’d all figure out the scoop. apparently with a fairly simple mod you can play gameboy & gameboy color games, and also “double” the range of the wireless, i’m a little skeptical about these, but i might sacrifice on of the ds units to try it out.

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  1. THe emulation hack may well work but I doubt the antenna hack will. Connecting to ground effectively shorts the antenna thus making it useless rather than improving range. In particular receive will be amplifying the antenna signal relative to ground thus it will kill the wireless. It could also damage the transmit amplifier significantly.

    A result may be seen if there was ungrounded metal but by adding antenna length the resonant frequency will change. THis means more signal is reflected back towards the amp and not out into space, so again, unlikely to improve anything.

    As for the emulation hack, why not try it before soldering with some crocodile clip or test probe leads

  2. I believe Gameboy and Gameboy Color games use 5v logic, whereas the GBA (and probably the DS) uses 3.3v. No super-simple mod would allow the DS to read old GB carts. You’d have to add some silicon between the DS and cartridge to negotiate the voltages properly before you could ever begin to worry about whether the DS can actually run the games.

  3. In reply to comment #6: When you use a larger antenna to boost your rage it also alows you to recieve signals that are further away. I’m not saying the antenna mod in this hack is real, but if you were to install a larger antenna it would alow you more range in seding and recieving.

  4. Judging by the way that the console detects a GBA cartridge (the grooves in the sides of the cart), would it be theoretically possible to take the notches that the grooves fit into and make them into a 3.3v/5v switch? meaning, when a GB/GBC game in inserted thove notches (now movable) are pushed into the console activating a switch that changes the logic voltage. Could be very complicated, even to get the logic voltage to change on such a user-friendly level, and I guess that would be only the first step. I wonder if we will see someone attempt to do this, for real…

  5. I think the idea of hard hacking your DS to play GB & GBC games is fundamentally stupid. No offense. The fact is, the DS isn’t a gameboy and never will be. It’s a parallel platform with a totally different architecture. It actually has firmware that emulates the old GBA hardware. Face it GB and GBC games are a dead platform. The only effective way you’re going to access this content is through emulation. I already have a emulator that runs on my DS that achieves this for the original NES. It’s funny cause it runs on the GBA side. So I’m running an 8 bit emulation within a GBA emulation. The DS isn’t slated to replace the GBA SP anytime in the near future and probably isn’t going to. Think software not hardware. Here’s the shim I use. My emulator is pocketNES, someone could just make a pocketGBC and I think this would be better. Or convert
    the roms altogether. Most of the GB and GBA are 8 bit anyway. http://www.movieadvance.com

  6. in response to #13:

    actually, that is how the game boy advance distenguishes between GB/GBC and GBA games.

    were it not for the reasons of size, cost, and lates face it, politics, it very well could have been factory made into the ds.

    but really now, whats the point? you gan buy a used gba at ebgames or any other gaming store for all of 30 bucks and not trash your new toy in the process.

  7. #12, thats a great idea which i would like to do once my warranty is over. My plan is to put a switch on the peice of wire going to the internal antena with one position being the internal antena, and one position going to an external areal. My idea is to wire the second wire to erm..you know like a tv arial socket so u can plug in differenty antenas. these mods are obviously fake, even looking at the pictures the gbc game obviously isnt slotted in all the way.

  8. i would just like to say that this couldnt work either way because gameboy and gamboy color games wont even fit in the slot on the ds. unless you were to shave down the sides of each cartridge

  9. Well, for the GB/GBC mod for the DS, I’ve tried it by modding a Gameboy Color Gameshark, and, it doesn’t work unless, hypothetically, you replace the old GBA decoder chip in the DS with the GBA’s. The only thing worng with that is that now, the DS will not reconise DS/GBA Expansion packs. So, Hypothetically, if you sotter the GBA Decoder over the DS GBA decoder, adding a swich to eighter pin 2 or pin 5 on both Decoder chips and getting rid of the little grove on both sides of the GBA slot on the DS. I think that will work.

  10. ok, i have taken the liberty to look up the featured circiut, and found nothing, btw. #17, switches are a bad idea for antennas, ie just hook up a standard micro wifi port, and mount it in the case. the gba has a switch inside the slot, that determines weather a gba or gb cart is in teh slot, internally it is a gba and a gbc in the same box, wiht a few twists so u can get cool shit in zelda games. there are actually 2 devices inside a gba, now nintendo definantly dosent want to be making the ds a all system system, itd add to much cost combining 3 systems, and they have some sorta plan for this, teh ds costs alot, so if it became the main handhled, people would be less apt to buy thier systems, thats the idea, now, the antenna thing is a great idea, but not in the way that they say to do it, ide make an external port and clip on a small directional antenna, it sorta pisses me off that they sell a 3 mile range wifi clip for gba systems, and ds has a good 100 feet maby, at best.. this dude sounds like a mat medici to me(inside joke) a dude who speculates with no real idea of whats going on, and then says hes done it. so this is a load of shit, altho its a possible idea, not worth it, and not to be doen in that way.

  11. The old GB and GBC actually have a different processor. The old GB/GBC uses a Z80 sharp processor while the GBA uses CPU: 16 MHz 32-bit RISC-CPU + 8-bit CISC-CPU. The 8 bit CISC is for running GB/GBC games. The DS uses One ARM9 and one ARM7 processor. The arm 9 being 64 bit and the arm 7 being 32 bit. The DS does not have an 8 bit processor therefore it can’t run a GB/GBC game unless emulated or by completely destroying a DS. Just get a GBA or something similar on ebay as it won’t cost you more than 20 bucks at most.

  12. BTW, true reason why Nintendo didn’t include GB(C) compatibility is really the lack of Z80 processor:
    ” There are two main reasons that the Nintendo DS is not compatible with older software. For one, the system is designed for wireless play and lacks a link cable port. Because older games aren’t designed to use the wireless features, they can’t communicate for multiplayer games.

    Also, the Nintendo DS lacks the special processor that is required to play these games. Because of the age of the processor, and the difficulty in adding that processor to an already highly complicated architecture, the processor was not included in the final design of the DS. ”

    NDS FAQ section “Can the DS play Game Boy games?”

  13. ds should use same slot as normal gba’s do, so older games are read too. and a gb/gbc/gba link cable port. for those saying things like just buy a gb/gbc for older games, i dont want to have to lag around 2 freakin systems!

  14. What kinda nerd needs enough games that it justifys having two systems when your too busy to carrie a bag? Just buy an old gameboy from ebay carry whichever one around with you you’re into at the time and if you’re on a long journey…take ’em both. Leave the back on your DS, you’re never gonna be Neo.

  15. hdoes anyone know if there are any comercial wireless/WIFI Amplifiers that will read the signal from A ds.If not,Is it possible to modify the amplifier to receive the signal?

  16. I wonder if the processor out of an SP could be hijacked and somehow crammed into or maybe even externally mounted on a DS to let it play GBC games.

    I dont want to have to have an SP and a DS why not try and get all the games to work with one package.

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