Wifi On Treo 650 Uberhack

wifi on treo 650 uberhack

okay, maybe i’ll consider the treo 650 now. before, it was extremely disappointing that the wifi drivers weren’t out when the phone shipped, but now thanks the “shadowmite” here’s the hacked up sdio wifi drivers and instructions.

1) Copy the file to a SD card
2) Run the file
3) It will go threw installing some files, followed by a soft reset
4) It will install some more files, and identify itself as T5 Wifi installer
5) It will ask for the Wifi Card

7 thoughts on “Wifi On Treo 650 Uberhack

  1. Very good. Mind you it does diminish my respect for PalmOne somewhat when they say “this can’t be done” and someone goes and does it. First it was DUN on Sprint and now Wi_Fi. They are treating the customers like idiots and I’m sure this will bite them in the ass one day..

  2. I am getting a Kyocera 7135 phone. I was wondering if a similar hack to this would also enable wifi, or if I would be better off just spending the $77 on amazon for a wifi-sd card.

  3. apparently this hack doesnt work for the newer treo 650…i recently got an unlocked one but im not sure if its the older firmware or not. do you know if this still works becuase i really dont feel like buying the 700w wifi sd card and it ends up not working.

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