Underwater Video Camera

underwater camera housing
in this article, paul hart details the third revision of his underwater camera housing.  by using a few reed switches that interface with the camera remote (for zoom control) and a small solenoid (to depress the record button), he is able to control the camera from the outside of the housing with a magnet.  don’t miss the page that describes the electronics.  it works well, it looks good, and you can watch some cool videos that he’s made with it.  two thumbs up.  thanks for the tip, paul!

now, i’m sort of an ‘above sea level’ kind of person, but i guess one of the things that hackaday is all about is finding out what’s going on under the surface of things.  if you didn’t read it already, check out the article on making a timer activated camera.  we should combine some ideas between these projects and make a tethered still/video (or both) system that you just toss off the side of a boat.  got a better idea?  let’s hear it!

8 thoughts on “Underwater Video Camera

  1. That’s just great!

    Beautiful work on that housing, and solving the various challenges of control without breaks for connectors or controls.

    Well thought out and well implemented, congrats!

  2. I have a friend who is making a remote controlled , underwater manuverable camera. I’ll tell him to submit it here when he’s finished. He plans to use it for ice fishing.

  3. This idea has been in My head for a while, way before the Underwater Sea Camera has been posted. The idea is much better the recording while the camera is underwater, I have invisioned a devise that is LIVE!. To do this would be very simple and easy to do for thoughs people that are able to use there knowledge of electronics. First idea, is to mod a Wifi hookup to the camera, or involve a cable that runs to the camera. 2nd idea, is how about someone mod a Cellphone that has a camera on it. Im sure someone can find or create a mod that would inable live video from the camera phone, or to take pictures everytime You call the cell phone while underwater (remmember a camera phone broadcasts information to a satalite, if only you could tab into that signal : . these are some simple ideas, but I am saving My other ideas for Myself ; )
    Does anybody like the ideas I have posted? Please tell, and explain.


  4. Any ideas on getting the signal out and also the power in, as we are trying to get a video system that we could use to have live UW Rugby out of the pool. the dept is about 5m max. Any Idea’s?

    Nice Job on the housing. Also the idea was that we could use the camera housings for diving during open water season.

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