Hackaday Links

hackaday links

a reader tells us a trick to make the usb battery work with the ipod shuffle.
apparantly the trick is to ground the data wires. mine still hasn’t arrived so i can’t confirm :(

first nintendo ds homebrew: tetris ds
geocaching for cash — recovering wireless network baloons
realtime digital photo edge detection.  anyone know of software to do this?
turing train terminal.  the tmrc would be so proud.
cool hack involving an r/c tank and a wireless camera
citibank uk online security measures less secure and less accessable
mit to submit 2 entries to the grand challenge this year
george foreman mini-itx

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. realtime digital photo edge detection:
    i think you need the hardware to take the pictures,
    matlab sourcecode from the designer that looks easy to copy into c/java/perl: ftp://ftp.merl.com/pub/raskar/NPR/SourceCode/

    check out page 4 for the cool prototype design: exposed wiring and lots of wire-ties :) what’s in the yellow box? circutry to switch the flashes and trigger the camera? any insights on what that would be?
    it would be cool to make a box with the flashes to put a camera in without cutting apart the camera.

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