Hackaday Links

hackaday links

if you liked today’s spy-lamp-mic-amp for the electronics, check out the portable minty headphone amp that also uses the cmoy amp design.
if you liked it for the lamp mod, check out the linux honeypot case mod.

more info on chu moy amps

mini-maglite led conversion [grimtrekkie]
get 6 times your normal flashlight battery life.
another cool persistence of vision led toy [koft]
use 32 times the leds.

same great google flavor but without the ads [FloridaSage1]
alternate h@x0r flavor [oxcid3]

an imac fish tank conversion [kokoliso]

install a bluetooth module in a powermac g5

5 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. I’ve been wiring up the minty amp, I’m waiting for delivery of my OP Amp, any one have a diagram of how to wire it in? the amp website doesn’t give in depth instructions, tells me to use my amps diagram. . .

  2. obviously old mac aquariums are old as shit, that’s why this is new and unique.

    BTW: that’s a studio display, not an imac. Though it wouldn’t be hard to do that to an old imac..

  3. Hi there, I googled hackaday links – Hack a Day and your web page was in the first few websites, you have to be doing something right for google to like your posts a lot. Have you ever contemplated blogging for money?

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