hackaday links

hackaday links

if you liked today’s spy-lamp-mic-amp for the electronics, check out the portable minty headphone amp that also uses the cmoy amp design.
if you liked it for the lamp mod, check out the linux honeypot case mod.

more info on chu moy amps

mini-maglite led conversion [grimtrekkie]
get 6 times your normal flashlight battery life.
another cool persistence of vision led toy [koft]
use 32 times the leds.

same great google flavor but without the ads [FloridaSage1]
alternate h@x0r flavor [oxcid3]

an imac fish tank conversion [kokoliso]

install a bluetooth module in a powermac g5

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covert desk lamp mic

spy mic
hackaday reader john young writes:

This is a beautiful hack.  Australian grad student Scott Mitchell turned a (pedigreed, as it turns out) sixties desk lamp into a parabolic microphone, a la Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Conversation.”  If that movie had spy-desk-lamps, that is.

the result is a really nice looking, covert, directional mic with integrated amp.  the cmoy amp circuit that is used is described in detail and scott does a really nice job of seamlessly integrating the power led, volume control, and  headphone socket into the lamp.  awesome.

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