Covert Desk Lamp Mic

spy mic
hackaday reader john young writes:

This is a beautiful hack.  Australian grad student Scott Mitchell turned a (pedigreed, as it turns out) sixties desk lamp into a parabolic microphone, a la Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Conversation.”  If that movie had spy-desk-lamps, that is.

the result is a really nice looking, covert, directional mic with integrated amp.  the cmoy amp circuit that is used is described in detail and scott does a really nice job of seamlessly integrating the power led, volume control, and  headphone socket into the lamp.  awesome.

6 thoughts on “Covert Desk Lamp Mic

  1. Ah now add some leds to the bowl.
    Make the Bowl Clear
    Shrink Mic
    Swap with coworker.
    Get dirt on coworker.
    Use dirt to pass coworker up on next promotion
    Gain Tenure
    Get coworker fired with excess dirt.
    Have a nice new job.

    Hmm. Now where to get a lamp.

  2. That site had some really excellent mods on it i particularly liked the pokia one. I got so exited that I whipped out my soldering iorn and had an old phone dissasembled before i knew what i was doing!
    Now i have an awesome pokia handset to falunt!

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