24-channel Audio System

leamon sound device

roy leamon just wasn’t satisfied with 5.1 discrete audio channels, so he went to work hacking together a 24 channel sound system that he calls the lsd (laemon sound device).  the 24 seperate speakers are controlled over firewire by a mac g5.

it’s a bit difficult to imagine what is possible with this system.  you could realistically have a seperate sound source for each instrument in your recording.  you could move a single source around the room in a way that a 5.1 system can only attempt to imitate.  there are a lot of possibilities.

this one is not for the faint of heart or light of wallet.  though it’s constructed from off the shelf components, roy estimates that it would take $12-15k to reproduce his system.  that figure just shattered any hopes that i had of being a true audiophile.  this is probably ok — i don’t have the skillz to juggle 12 turntables anyway.

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