Hackaday Links

dig robots? dig sex? dig this.

remember the bicycle wheel pov we were checkin out? well the iball can display any random crap you want basically

James Dean has nothing on this easy rider with QNX installed [john]

the french might be able to actually win a war sometime soon with this real solar death ray
melts steel in 3 seconds. [Alexis]

for you fancy caviar eaters out there, maybe this is your kind of teleprompter

it’s only a matter of time before somone steals your credit card with RFID embedded in it and gets their ass thrown in jail 3 seconds later, fool

if there were a superman fighting against credit card fraud, this dude would be it

learn how to wipe your hard drive and not your bank account

this replicator bot can make you anything. by “anything” we mean a plate or a pot.

by now you might have gotten your treasured psp so now is probably a good time to read about hacking it

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