foxblocker filters out fox news

Fox Blocker

oh yes folks, just what you’ve always wanted. the foxblocker is a little piece of metal that screws into your coaxial cable on the back of your television (or cable box) and will block out the news channel, FOX News. this is a very interesting concept because in theory, you could start to daisy chain these together and filter out whichever stations you wanted. i think it’d be fun to see these made into “nickelodeon blockers” or something to that effect. whatever will make your little brother cry.

it’s available now for $8.95 from the official website. thanks to off the hook for informing me.

63 thoughts on “foxblocker filters out fox news

  1. dude, this site kix ass! can anyone give me a few pointers on hacking computer systems at school? namely the proxy that cuts out all the good stuff on the internet??

  2. Remember people, if you’re blocking FOX News you’re blocking ‘evil rightwing fascist propaganda machines’ but if you block CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC you’re . .. well you’re a fasict hatemonger who is stifling free-speech.

  3. Something that I would love to see is a filter that will block all but one channel. Preferably configurable between 3 and 4. The reasone that would be great is because it would allow my old series1 tivo to record something as I watch something else on the tv (tivo sends out on channel 3 or 4) And I would like to add that post 49 scares me…

  4. Fox news is right wing, yes, but if you think CNN and NBC and ABC etc., are “Liberal” you’re all just as stupid as we thought. ALL your news channels are right wing compared to the rest of the world. The best filter to right wing propaganda in America is to turn off your TV. Your country is going down the toilet. To all the “conservative” (READ conservative philosophy and you will see your government is really an obscene distortion of conservative political theory) people complaining that this is not a “Hack” why don’t you follow your own advice and just switch off/not read the story. Information can’t hurt you. “Deleting from my bookmarks”? This is probably why you like fox news – they pre-select only the news that doesn’t threaten your sense of prejudice and moral righteousness. I see a lot of violence on TV that I dislike, but I don’t feel the need to never watch tv again. Doesn’t conservative philosophy promote free speech, not political correctness? (“this is offending my political affiliations therefore I will be forced to boycott you”). America is so out of touch with reality it’s astounding… Time to buy Euros and learn Mandarin people, cause China’s about to f*ck you up the ass…

  5. Hey, ‘the myth of a ‘liberal’ media’, I agree with you completely. Except for one point. We are going to let China take the EU’s ass, since its closer. Maybe by the time that done, and you’ve consolidated the Greater Chinese Prosperity Sphere, we’ll be some punk’d Socialist run-down thats ripe for deflowering.

  6. my you all are wound a litle tight on this sight, aren’t you? I had no idea there were so many radical right ‘hacker’ out there!

    and the Dr Seussesque rhyming drivel? Dude, get help RIGHT NOW!

  7. Want to see a scary example of why patriots hate bush? Want to see what happens when the facists come to town. Thousands of cops filming you, blocking your way and then herding you onto trains to take you to the concentration camp…brought to you courtesy of the party of Linclon, right here in the good ol’ US of A.
    Go here:

    Perhaps if Bush did not have thousands of innocent people cuffed and swept off the streets and herded into underground corrals at Peir 57 just so the world could not see how much new york disapproves of him, you might be able to call him anything but a facist.
    You see, there can be very personal reasons for hating Repugnicans.

    A creepy, creepy day that was. I hope it is not a glipse into the future.
    And to the brave conservative still reading this: it’s okay, if he did not do things like this, he would not have the power to do great things. It is all worth it. Go Bush!!!

  8. Not to feed the trolls, but to respond to “Brent” just this once…
    We chose the name “FOXBLocker” because it sounded so much like “cock-blocker”… a term of endearment that “Brent” and countless other Refuglicans can identify with.
    As “Brent” and others can see (once they choose to open their eyes) we are primarily no longer selling the FOXBlocker product but are helping to make it available for free (which we know means someone else is paying for it… TANSTAAFL, but those footing the bill are the prime benfactors, so ‘WASSAMATTA U?’ “Brent”?
    Kinda makes you think, doesn’tit?
    And if it doesn’t… well, ‘WASSA MATTA YOU, BRENT?’… maybe the ‘Creator’ forgot something, maybe?

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