Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

back again with the insanely unofficial hackaday lazy afternoons! i’ve decided the following:

lazy afternoons will happen three two times a week. wednesday and friday.
hackaday links will also be back. on mondays only. mondays because that gives all you beautiful people out there time to email me some great stuff over the weekend for both links and lazy afternoons. and if you want to get your stuff on here faster, include either of the following in the subject line when sending us an email:

lazy afternoons: lazy afternoons – blah blah blah
hackaday links: hackaday links – blah blah blah

got it hotshot? good. on with the lazy afternoon, which today, is going to be especially lazy. normally, they will be easy to do hacks, or once in awhile, something just outright lazy.

the S.S. More Powerful Than Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and the
Incredible Hulk Put Together
by [big al]
Cardboard Box Boat
we got the challenge in our email to “make a cardboard box boat that rivals ours”. thanks, but no thanks. maybe one day we’ll make an urban one for west philadelphia, but we really have nowhere to use it or try it out. but, if our readers to, we ask that you try it. because this is just lazy. it’s not only a cardboard boat. it’s a real one you can use. you can paddle it, stand in it, lay around in it. whatever. there’s no website, but by looking at some pictures you can see that it’s not too hard to make with glue, duct tape, and cardboard boxes.

that being said. go forth and make cardboard boats. next monday we’ll be back, in the hammock, with another lazy afternoon.

lazy update:
our reader eirik went and made a coin ring out of a Norwegian 5 kroner (which is about 3 mm larger than an American quarter). check out the pics! goes to show that you can be a popular rap star/hacker.

ring 1
ring 2

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

  1. My challenge was really just to use cardboard as the main component of a hack. Still I hope people get a kick out of it. I would also like to thank Gourry for showing me the pictures, and all credit should go to him.

  2. nice boat, wont be making mine anytime soon.
    I did however make one of those coin rings. Just finished it a few minutes ago in fact. go to the link i put in my “site’s url” to see(its this picture and the next three as well.) Only problems i had were that i have a rather large finger, so its on my pinky. And i now have a mess to clean up next to me. A word to the wise!!! when you make the ring, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT use duct tape as padding for your pliers. It melts the tape when it gets hot, it also melts rubber bands, i advise tissues if anything.

  3. They just had a race at Stony Brook University in New York that uses card board and duck tape boats. I just came back from the races about 5 min. ago. People made all kinds of crazy boats like pink cadillacs, pirate ships, some one made one that looks like the car from back to the future. They had a “flux capacitor” and a “Mr. Fusion” made out of cardboard. The races are a riot and half of the entries sink. You can probably check out some pics on stony brooks web site in a couple days. Just thought it was ironic that someone sent in this pic the same day as the races. By the way the reaces are called the “Roth Pond Rigatta” (I think thats how you spell it). ight peace out.

  4. I’ve done this as a science unit. It’s a favorite of one of our teachers. I’ve seen about five cardboard boat races. They’re fun because half the time the boats are unbalanced and sink.

    Also, it helps to coat the cardboard in deck sealant, to make it water-tight.

  5. I actually did this in AP Physics. It was the end-of-the-year activity we did after we did the exam in May (we would get out in June). Anyways, our team had to change designs a few times but our boat ended up faring pretty well. It didn’t do as great as the others but it did it.

    Anyways, the thing is – it’s not easy making a cardboard boat so if you’re going to try this, it’s going to take time. Then again, when we did it, there was a TON of restrictions like we could only use so much tape and how joints would be made. I suppose if you’re building it on your own, then you could make a formidable watercraft.

  6. I did this back in high school. It was an annual event put on by the science club. There were some pretty creative designs back then… though the more creative they were, the more likely they were to sink… The winner resembled a swamp buggy. I had the 2nd place canoe of monitor boxes :P

  7. #9: no… why?…

    i’m making the ring out of a 25p (?) winston churchill coin from ’65. i see no evidence of copper sandwiching, and it’s definately big enough to make a ring outta, in fact i might need to thin it out a bit. i’m making this for my girlfriends and i anniversary, we’re trying to spend the least on each other possible (senior ball is coming up, we need cash) but still have the coolest gift. i’ve got that victory deadlocked.

  8. I remember my cousin doing this in High School back in the mid-70. The differece was he used a pre-64 Kennedy half dollar (silver) and kept tapping the edge with a spoon while rotating the coin. Kids would be walking down the hallways or outside at recess accompanied by the incessant *ping-ping-ping* of kids doing this. When done, the center was milled out in metalshop.

  9. I have a 2001 liberty full silver coin. i think is about 1oz. what is the value of 1oz of silver? i duno if i wanna use it though. what do you guys think? i wish i had a different coin to try it on first.

  10. not to be a ninnny, but that design, while apparently it worked is not the best, we did this my sophmore year at SCAD. i opted for the pontoon style of floating easier construction less material, and SOLID, my hydrodynamics could have been better but i had a target market in mind who would be mostly using river flow as momentum pic at http://www.davegatlin.com/cardboardboat.jpg i know crummy pic, but i was the only one that could complete the course, obstacle course that is.

  11. Ah yes, that would be my boat.

    I WAS going to put a pointed tip on it, however due to time constraints (and the fact i made that in 1 days work) i was unable.

    Please not that boat held 3 people total, had 4 layers of hulls, and was made using ~$60 of duct tape.

    also i had no knowledge of the archamede’s theorum while making it, mainly because my physic teacher blows.

    all in all, it was fun.

    Oh and that cannon = BAD TOKEN CANNON. FIRE!

    Also please credit me Greg Price (or Gourry Inverse), not Big Al.

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