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pardon me for not offering fresh links yesterday! emergencies come up now and then and yesterday was then. so, today I’ve got some great links that will haver you grinning ear to ear.

ipod linux like what? super easy for the os x users out there with this utility. [Superlevel]

it is a pretty lazy afternoon…so why not make a fake car alarm for your ride [anonymous]

you know it’s gotten popular when the manufacturers start throwing ideas at you [jake]

Linux is now running on the Nintendo DS. woohoo! [pingu]
interesting encryption methods…very old school
ipod to ipod. simple and fun.
oh linux, you treat us very well. we applaud you.

and we end with something that really is a marvel….the aussies from down under have come up with an encryption method that is 100% unbreakable by using diamonds and fiberoptics. first melbourne, then a phone to ip service, and now this. im moving, who’s with me?

14 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. I did almost the exact same thing a couple years ago. Except I used the blinking LED from an old Logitech Mouse Package. I mounted it in my 91 JettaGLS and it looked factory – not something sticking out of the cigarette lighter.

  2. A flashing LED installed in a cig plug??

    Anyone seriously looking to steal your car will recognize this as a lame DIY and leave it where your car was sitting.
    Exactly how many alarms utilize an LED stuck into the lighter socket?
    And how many of them blink the LED that fast?

    The only people who will be fooled by this are the ones who don’t care about your car in the first place.
    Why not hang a hex keypad under it while you’re at it?

  3. The blinking light may not last too long… when the LED is off, virtually no current is drawn so the voltage drop across the resistor is 0. This means that the full 12 volts is across the LED — far more than the 5v maximum specified. It depends on how the circuit in the LED was made – maybe it’ll last, maybe it won’t.

    Also, I guess having the light in the lighter socket solves the problem that other installations would have — you need a way to turn off the light while you are driving!

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