Fully Submerged Cooling

oil bath computer
Markus Leonhardt has taken the shortest route possible to liquid cooling.

  1. throw motherboard in fish tank

  2. cover in vegetable oil

  3. there is no step 3

Markus has been using this system for over a year. it is quiet and is cooled by the still functional fans circulating the oil. he has swapped components and even successfully used pulled hardware in other pcs. the pages are in the process of being translated to english, but the english forum is already up with links to other projects. I’ve got some extra hardware and fish tanks are cheap, so I’ll give this a try some time. I doubt my roommate will feel this is an improvement over my plan of just nailing the motherboards to the wall.

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Hackaday Links


oh my gosh, look what we have here: some links. bet you guys didn’t see that coming did you?

now aside from cnet stealing certain ideas from around here, they’re also reporting that pgp has announced full hard-drive encryption. thus making it harder for hackers to get in.

and as for copy protection required by federal law? pshhh, forget it. Them 0, Us 1.
the uk is on the right path, how long until we catch on?

laser keyboards are up there with the piano necktie [zinquaff]
a $14 steadicam? you can’t beat that when you DIY [john]
tell your pc to take a chill pill using dry ice
violins, speakers, and sounds oh my

two things left. one is important, the other is really important.
important: lego jewelry is available…do you dare make your own?
really important: next time we have ourselves a lazy afternoon (read: wednesday), the senate will be voting for the real id bill. this isn’t good (despite it’s flashy graphics and sim-card-esque features) because freedoms are limited (once again), so check this out: unreal id

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