HOW-TO: WRT Client Mode


The Linksys WRT54G is probably the cheapest and most widely sold embedded Linux device in the world. It is also incredibly fun to play with. A lot of people don’t want to take the full plunge into Linux for fear of screwing up their computer. Why not screw with your router?! Your S.O. probably won’t even notice, until you break it? so try to blame it on the cable company if you can.

I’ll be walking you through installing the openWRT firmware onto a Linksys WRT54G. This is followed by setting the router up in client mode. Client mode lets you connect the computers on the wired side of the router to another router wirelessly, it doesn’t even have to be yours! Read on to find out how simple this process is.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

oh man. i can’t even begin how lazy this afternoon is looking. because today is my birthday, i decided everything (except you guys) on my schedule can go to hell until tomorrow. i woke up at 11am and havent left the couch since. so therefore, you guys are getting it good today.

as for wednesday’s lazy afternoon, you guys seem to love the idea of a podcast! so next week, we’ll have ourselves a podcast :)

if you’re graduating soon, take after this guy and shock the world. [adam]
i can’t believe it. he made a plotter out of an old dot matrix printer [Eduardo]
wireless pda-esque gameboy sp cart. nuff said. [matticus66]

i don’t know how these dual-emails (it’s a gmail thing) are coming in. but i got 2 links in this one:
stop ashlee (I laughed)..dunno how that got in the same email as crystalzilla. very interesting.

das laser snooper. [ian]
be careful hacking your ipods, okay?

make your own soda fountain (psh)

also, for any content related to podcasts such as: questions, comments, hacks, interviews, etc, leave them here.

as for your easy to do hack for the afternoon? you should know. bake me a cake damnit and mark it with a V. just make sure it’s on par with the myst island cake

Make a hackaday cake of some sort and I swear I’ll totally hook you up with a prize.

Making a birthday cake by